Non-development tools for iOS developers

While working on vPlaces, I needed some tools besides Xcode. So, I’d like to share these.


Any iOS app needs images. At least, you need to have an icon, launch image. And you can use a lot of apps to edit images. You might use expensive now-subscription-based well-known-image-editor, or you can use open source analogue – GIMP. You could also search through Mac App Store and find other programs.

PixelmatorSo did I. And I’ve found probably the best image editor for OS X – Pixelmator.

Pixelmator can import .PSD files. Of course, it does not support it fully. It cannot replace well-known-image-editor, but for some of us it makes life easier.

Also, Pixelmator supports iCloud. Which makes it easy to work on the same files from different machines.

Yes, Pixelmator is not free. However, guys are doing a great job. And the price is not that big for such good product.

You can find trial version of Pixelmator on their web site.

iPhotoI use iPhoto to process images from camera (that was also needed to create vPlaces). Yes, I know. I should be using Aperture or some-other-photo-processing-application. And I’ll probably start using them soon.

As of now, iPhoto works great out of the box. It is easy, it helps to keep photos organized. And it is bundled with OS X.


vPlaces uses sounds. So, I needed a tool to deal with audio files. As I’m not a musician, I needed something which handle sound processing, like mixing, noise reduction and so on.

AudacityAs of now, I’m using Audacity – free open source cross-plaftorm sound editor.

What I like – it works. It crashes not too often (however, it does from time to time). It has most processing options I need.

What I dislike – UI. Being cross-platform it looks ugly on any platform.

So, until I find something good to replace it – Audacity works for me.


Quick list of other tools used during development:

  • Reminders – project tasks, plans (iCloud really helps here – you can add your idea to list from your iPhone, and check it out later on Mac);
  • TextEdit and Pages – project documents.

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