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Building iRemember – shopping list app, part 4

We’re continuing building our iRemember application.
We’re still working on UI of the application. This time we’ll focus on displaying reminders.
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Building iRemember – shopping list app, part 3

We’re continuing building our iRemember application.
Now it is time to focus on application UI. We’ll start with calendar selection and then – showing reminders from selected calendar.
We’ll also implement state restoration (links are in Russian) for user’s convenience.
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Building iRemember – shopping list app, part 1

From now on I’ll try to blog in English. And I’ll start with EventKit framework tutorial.

Let’s outline our goal. We’ll create “Remember the bread”-like application. Basically, we’ll create shopping plan application with several specific requirements:

  1. Application should be able to handle several lists.
  2. User should be able to add/edit/delete positions in lists and mark them as complete.
  3. Lists should be shareable between several devices.

We won’t go into very sophisticated UI, we’ll try to use most of standard UI elements. Moreover, we’ll use some of iOS 6 features which will make our application better.

Let’s start with third requirement. We’ll cheat on that by using standard reminders as storage for our lists. If you use iCloud reminders, you can share every list with others, so we’ll not code “sharing”, we’ll suggest and guide our users to use system-provided features.
Actually, standard Reminders.app covers all of our required features (and even more). But goal itself looks good for the tutorial.

So, what will cover?

  1. EventKit – framework for accessing calendar events and reminders.
  2. State restoration (it was covered in earlier posts – part 1, part 2, part 3, all in Russian).

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