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Adding iOS 7 UI patterns to your app

Today we’ll study how to add controls with blurred background to an iOS app. This UI pattern is very common for iOS 7 apps. Some of the standard UIKit controls (like UINavigationBar or UITabBar) have similar functionality. But, what if you want to add blur to your custom control.

What you need to know is – nothing comes for free. You’ll have to do blurring, and maintaining this blur together with background changes. This example will cover only very simple scenario. But you’ll be able to extend it for more complicated cases.
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Extending action sheets and alert views with blocks

This small example adds practical benefits to previous post on using associated objects in Objective-C categories.

Goal of this tutorial is to make UIActionSheet and UIAlertView simplier by avoiding usage of delegates and adding button tap handlers directly on creation with usage of Objective-C blocks. And we’ll also avoid subclassing.
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